To make sugar, the beets are sliced and mixed in warm-water syrup or dehumidifiers with about 70 degrees Celsius, and the sugar in the beet tissue enters into the water and the raw syrup is produced. The diluted syrup is evaporated and concentrated in several steps, and the amount of sugar in it reaches about 60% and is called a thick syrup. In the evaporation stage, the syrup is condensed by steam, and with this, steam is produced with different temperatures and pressures for other plant uses. Concentrated syrup in baking machines spills so much so that the crystal is formed. These crystals are covered with syrup, so it is separated from the crystals by the centrifuge device and the sugar crystals are washed, and at this stage, high purity sugar is produced.  When producing sugar in this section, due to the fact that the syrup has significant amounts of sugar, it is re-crystallized in several steps. Finally, a syrup that can no longer be obtained from the crystalline molasses is removed from the factory


Generally, sugar is used in the food, pharmaceutical, household, and many industries


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