Cacao powder

The Aztec Indians used cocoa beans to make some kind of beverage called “Cocktail Drink”, and they called it “food of the gods.” The Spanish took cacao from Mexico to Europe in the sixteenth century and kept the recipe for about 100 years, so that in the seventeenth century other Europeans also learned how to make this beverage

Cocoa is a tree with a height of 4 to 10 meters. Its leaves are simple and reciprocal and have regular, small and red flowers in all seasons. Its fruit is yellow and is as big as a cucumber and contains 25 to 45 seeds. Store the fruits of this plant after picking up until the seeds rot and then use them and usually make cocoa powder from these seeds

There are many solid particles in this powder, which is a mixture of many of the remaining materials. When sold as a final product, is called cocoa powder, sometimes called cacao


Among all the raw cocoa products, Powder Cocoa is more usable because it is well-powdered and ready to be added to a variety of beverages, home-made chocolates, biscuits, cakes and cookies, and a variety of desserts, and well with water, cores and Types of milk and dairy products, and etc